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Welcome to Convictions Enterprise

The strategic promotion of entrepreneurship is critical to the development of any individual, society or the world in its entirety. Indeed the world is a global village; to the extend that the consequences be it dire or pleasant from a "little spark" at one end of the world can be felt at the extreme opposite end. The entire world has evolved significantly over a period of time space. At the centre of this gigantic evolution is Entrepreneurship. Suffice it therefore to say that our hands as humans are strongly tied when it comes to choosing the path of entrepreneurship as the bedrock of our survival. We must therefore anchor the forward movement agenda of the human race to the spirit and nature of entrepreneurship.

We are living in a world of innovations and that is what entrepreneurship is all about. So what is entrepreneurship? Simply put, entrepreneurship is the art of meeting a need by the application of positive innovation. The world is crying out for innovators, because these are the job creators that ensures the livelihood of their employees. For the purposes of actualizing this niche of  nurturing and growing individuals in the field of business creation, Convictions Enterprise was graciously delivered.

Convictions Enterprise was registered to commerce work on the 30th April, 2018, with the main stream preoccupation being Management Consultancy activities for Start-ups and existing SMEs in Ghana. You are extremely talented in your career and pregnant with so much innovative ideas that could place a lot of value in the lives of people, but due to inertia and unfriendly systems within your work environment, you are unable to put to good use this enviable God given talent. Please talk to Convictions. You are stuck at your work side because you think you do not have what it takes to start your own business, for example working capital, but you are filled with so much expertise. Talk to Convictions. You don't like your work place or the people you work with especially your superiors, but you are scared to leave because the work is taking care of the bills. Again talk to Convictions. You are ready to move on and be on your own but due to fear of uncertainty, you are developing cold feet. Kindly talk to Convictions Enterprise. Don't consider your financial strength and drawback. Give all the good intentions within you a Big Chance.

Convictions is customer specific and treat each client as a unique entity with a well-designed package for the purposes of meeting and exceeding expectations, regardless of the industry. For this reason, Convictions comes to you to deliver a well-tailored service.

Figuratively, we come as a personal Doctor to your business; we examine, diagnose and treat the challenges that confront your business. We are here to transform your business from its current state and help transition it to the next level. Due to our empathetic nature, when we come in to your business life we take on your, headaches, abdominal upsets, bodily pains, backaches, sprains, fractures, etc, feel the discomfort and work with you to get a lasting solution.

Our highly distinguished Professionals will help you in the areas of accounting issues, tax concerns, managerial skills, capital acquisition, suitable accommodation, market comprehension, product pricing, cash flow anticipations, reaction to competitions, over generalizations, customer dependence, uncontrolled growth, customer relations, etc.

Please for the survival and sustenance of the business you’ve toiled to establish or you're yet to establish, get in touch with Convictions and let us sort you out.